The Sconset Market Story

Summer kids make many summer memories.

Cindy and Rolf Nelson are no exception.

When the Sconset Market was managed by Mark Donato in 1980s, a bright-eyed young 15-year old-girl became his first staff member. Cindy pumped gas, worked the register and met a young cook, Rolf, next to the produce case. Sparks flew and their journey began.

Fast forward to today.

After 23 years running the Sconset Café, reinventing Sconset Bookstore Wines and building on a long, mutual family history with Nantucket, we continue an adventure in bringing our special type of hospitality to the village. Working together, we rely on each other’s visions and unique talents to blend together authentic memories for our customers.

As two kids who turned their summers into a life dream, we understand how deeply woven the Sconset Market is in the fabric of our village.

Come say hello, we’ll be so happy to see you.